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Dusk by Twilight-Rose-Wolf
A cute little Lapoon to be my persona
Her name is Dusk gentle-glow -3-
Rose floating by Twilight-Rose-Wolf
Rose floating
I was trying my best to draw my own body type on Rose. She's still a little too ideal honestly, I'd never have a thigh gap LMAO
Intelligin by Twilight-Rose-Wolf
This is an intelligin, one of my other alien creatures. Their skintones can be pale blue, pale pink, or pale purple, but thats it. They don't tend to have any markings such as freckles or spots on their skin, but they do make a habit of chopping off extremities in order to make life "easier." If you have robot legs, your legs will never get tired, that sort of thing. Matter of fact custom cybernetics is the biggest industry in their culture, along with preforming arts and culinary related fields of course. Basically imagine a group of people drinking wine watching an opera while discussing robotics during intermission. That's them.
As for biologically speaking they have the interesting trait of having a split personality built into their biology. Their brain has two fully functioning halves that do everything a full brain needs, but tend to develop in different paths. From birth the two halves will learn to react differently to stimuli, insuring the different personalities form unique to eachother. Each set of eyes is related to a personality, and whichever pair is open is the personality showing at that moment. Each one usually will take on a different name, and the trick about dating one is you have to find basically 4 personalities which get along well with eachother. Because of this, it's often times that they are polygamous in nature, each personality taking on a partner they fit best with and those two partners doing the same, though occasionally a perfect match can be found and they remain monogamist or possibly only in a three way relationship. The switch between personalities is quick without warning, all it takes is one pair of eyes to open. The dominant personality cannot communicate with the recessive personality until they switch, communicating through forms of writing. Occasionally when in a threatening situation both personalities become dominant and they work together to keep themselves alive, however this can be confusing for most to control and is usually deemed more trouble than its worth. However, some choice few are able to keep both pairs of eyes open at all times and equally share control at all times, merging into one, and these usually grow up to be the leaders of their nations.
Damian Exyn by Twilight-Rose-Wolf
Damian Exyn
This is Damian as his true self, an Exyn. Exyn have no ears or eyes, but have an extremely wide mouth full of sharp teeth. Their skintones tend to either be pale or dark and there is no real middle ground. They see via a psychic 360 degree field with a radius of 20 feet, though as young they only see around a radius of 10 feet and when they're old the field shrinks once again, but the furthest they can push this field is 50 feet if they're particularly gifted. Biological material glows while nonorganic material remains dim, and animals glow brighter than plants, meaning they'd basically walk right into glass if there was any present. They also grow quite tall and gangly, and feed off a balance of meat and fats with a little fruit on the side. They're expert stealth hunters but will run their prey down if necessary, able to keep up with even the most fleet of foot animals on their planet. With short childhood, an Exyn is physically mature at around 12 years old. They also tend to talk with eachother telepathically, and if forced to speak aloud their voices are hissy and have a lisp due to the sharp teeth.
Damian human by Twilight-Rose-Wolf
Damian human
An old reference I did back like last year, again Im just trying to put all my art up since my hiatus. I didn't think through the placement of the tongue though lol
Damian is actually an Exyn which is a species I made up but I'll get to that later. This was a human version so yeh. 
His brother was born photosensitive and with an extremely fragile immune system so he's always there for him and making sure his little brother gets what he needs and all that noise. He's a good big bro, even if he needs to learn to take time for himself.
So I have decided to actually post all of my old artwork I've been hoarding for the past year so yeah expect that to be a thing
Also expect tons of new art from me because I'm planning on remaining active from here on until the foreseeable future
I'm also contemplating opening commissions so if you're interesting hit me up in the comments

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wants to stop failing
Artist | Student | Literature
United States
Not much to really say about me. I just do art as a hobby and I am always looking to better myself and the same goes to writing, though I view my writing as more of a way of life than just a hobby.

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